Nature – Culture

International PhD Program at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” University of Warsaw

The boundaries dividing contemporary science and scholarship are rapidly dissolving these days. Human curiosity and innovative research transcend the frontiers that have separated the humanities from life sciences, social sciences from the arts, exact sciences from scholarly erudition. The PhD Program “Nature – Culture” is a community of doctoral students, scholars and researchers who come from diverse academic backgrounds and who enthusiastically embrace interdisciplinary crosspollination in their respective intellectual pursuits. Hence the two fundamental values underlying the training we offer to our PhD students: the spirit of team work based on collaborative exchange of ideas and the nurturing of diversity that fosters innovative thinking.

Prof. Jerzy Axer

“Nature-Culture” is a 5 year-long PhD Programme divided into three closely interrelated sections: “History and Identity,” “Technophilosophy,” and “Environment and Anthropology.” Twenty doctoral students and fifty professors are involved in an interdisciplinary research conceived to straddle various disciplines within the humanities and sciences. Navigate your way through this website for details concerning our faculty, PhD candidates, research sections, programme guidelines, and international cooperation.