Environment and Anthropology

The major goal of the section seminar ENVIRONMENT AND ANTHROPOLOGY is to bring all participants to understanding the basics of natural sciences (primarily ecology and evolution), along with methodology of humanities and social sciences. Special emphasis will be put on understanding of methodological differences between these fields and ways of overcoming them in the process of interdisciplinary research. The seminar will set the stage for the discourse of next seminars. It is intended to identify the main problems in bridging sciences and humanities and ways to address them. We are going to discuss such issues as growth of complexity of organisms, its relation to the existence of basic biological traits, the meaning of biological adaptation, and the ‘goal’ of biological evolution. We want to familiarize our participants with biological foundations of social interactions, including explanations for the existence of altruism, reciprocal altruism and cooperation as well as with the evolution of languages and cultures.

Head: Prof. Marek Konarzewski

Students: Aleksandra Brylska, Aleksandra Jabłońska, Toni Romani, Maciej Talaga