Art and Philosophy

Taking into account the student evaluations and the general aims of the Program, as well as the diversity of students and the faculty in this Section, the seminar will focus on three goals: (1) Assisting students in the work on their dissertation projects prior to the defenses; (2) Deepening the understanding of the interdisciplinary character of each project and the Program as a whole; (3) Fostering co-operation and understanding between students and faculty.

The seminar will take place on selected Fridays (13.15-16.45) between January and June 2020 and consist of seven four-hour (4x45min) meetings. The first two meetings will consist of students’ presentations of their work; the next four will focus on reading texts – proposed by students and faculty alike – that will broaden our understanding of each-others perspectives and present valuable insights into interdisciplinary work. The theme and character of the last meeting will be decided by the seminar participants in the course of the seminar. It might be the reading a mutually-agreed-upon text, mock defenses of student projects or another idea altogether.

The seminars will be conducted in Polish, unless the needs of the Participants require that English is used. All written materials (student papers, proposed readings) should be provided in Polish or English.

Head: dr Krzysztof Skonieczny

Students: Hubert Będkowski, Natalia Copeland, Monika Dubiel, Magdalena Krzosek-Hołody, Łukasz Mańkowski