Stemming from the TechnoHumanities Lab at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, the section is devoted to the theoretical — and especially philosophical — study of technology. The section's work is rooted in the belief that after the “Fourth Technological Revolution” we need a new language to describe the human and its place within the world — outside of the distinctions between the humanities and natural sciences or, simply put, outside nature and culture. To that end, the faculty and PhD students engaged in the section and the seminars provided by it explore themes such as the “return to things”, cognitive and emotional capitalism, the infosphere or technological pharmacology. The work of the section will culminate in the conference "The Future of Work in the Postdigital Age", which will take place on 27-28 May at the Collegium "Artes Liberales".

Head: prof. Szymon Wróbel

Students: Hubert Będkowski, Aleksandra Brylska, Magdalena Krzosek-Hołody, Julia Krzesicka, Maria Wodzińska, Karolina Żyniewicz