Engaged Social Sciences

The seminar will investigate wide scope of relationships between human groups and environment they live in. Various social sciences have discussed those relationships in manifold ways, however, a one uniting characteristics seemed to be a harsh distinction between subject and object of research. This distinction was a part of a positivist paradigm of social sciences in which “social” was less important than “sciences”. In other words, social sciences were viewed as a kind of natural sciences and in consequence they were thought to obligatory follow approach of the latter, including rigid oppositions between participant and observer, theory and experience, micro and macro, and finally, the boundaries between scientific disciplines. In the seminar, in turn, we will try to bring those oppositions into dialogue. We will consider principles of reflexive social sciences in which researchers get into a dynamic relationships with reality they investigate – be it other people, living organisms, cultural artefacts or non-organic nature.

Head: dr Kamil Wielecki

Students: Wojciech Cendrowski, Piotr Chmielewski, Kornelia Kasperkiewicz