Past for Present

Past for Present section investigates nature-culture relationships from the perspective of humanities. During the first year of the Program, sectional seminars consist of a series of meetings, entitled Ideas and Images of Nature in European Culture. Their aim is to familiarize the Participants with the perspective of cultural studies, encompassing research of works of literature and visual arts as well as of ideas and questions of social consciousness and individual imagination, analyzed in historical and typological terms. Thus, in general, they are intended to expand the horizons of Students’ respective dissertations. Interests of Participants of the Section cover a broad perspective ranging from studies on landscape, investigating different concepts of nature and their political consequences, presence of wildlife in historical texts, body representation in literature, art and medieval textbooks, cultural practices related to the nature, as well as archeological research on the natural environment.

Head: Prof. Maria Kalinowska

Students: Maria Piekarska, Maciej Talaga, Agata Starownik